Save, spend, splurge: Sunglasses

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With summer on its way and the sun (rare though it may be) starting to successfully shine through the clouds, the search for finding the right pair of sunglasses has begun. As partying students, the bank account situation is never great but we all have an idea in mind about how much money we are willing to spend on what – and so if you take a look below, you will find a list of my three favourite pairs of sunnies available for purchase, depending on the extent to which you’re willing to bankrupt yourself!


Attitude: ‘Couldn’t care less about the state of my bank account because in my head money grows on trees’

Brand: Bvlgari

Price: £341.00

I am literally in LOVE with these sunglasses. Their cat-eye shape widens the appearance of your eyes and draws attention to your cheekbones. What I love the most about these sunglasses is that you can either dress them up or down: their jet-black colour makes them appropriate for ordinary daytime wearing yet the crystals means that they can be worn to accompany posh attire at special occasions and events. They best suit either a heart, oval or square face shape.


Attitude: ‘I know I’m in debt so I probably shouldn’t spend but then again I want something that will last a while so it’s gotta be Ray-Bans’:

Brand: Ray-Ban Erika Classic

Price: £98.00

You literally can’t go wrong with a pair of Ray-Bans. They’re the perfect accessory to complete any look, and they will always make, and never break, an outfit. These Ray-Ban Erika sunglasses feature both classic, rubber and metal detailing, whilst their oversized shape provides extra coverage and 100% protection against UV rays. Their large lenses makes them the perfect choice for remaining burn-free whilst sunbathing on the beach, still looking unbelievably classy though, of course.



Attitude: ‘I’ll be lucky if I even scrape through surviving until next month… but I still need sunglasses’:

Brand: Topshop Lucie Oversized Preppy Sunglasses

Price: £16.00

These sunglasses are a great alternative if you can’t afford to spend a lot of money. For a gal on a budget, or someone who is extra clumsy, it’s not always realistic to spend more than £16 on a pair of sunnies. Their white/ peach colour means that they match practically any outfit whilst their clearly finished black lens provide a nicely sharp colour contrast. The oversized lens give the wearer a particularly elegant appearance, drawing attention to the cheekbones.


Last modified: 25th April 2016

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