Secret Santa for your favourite character

Maja Mazur picks out the perfect presents for TV characters

Maja Mazur
10th December 2020
Credit: PickPik
I have always loved the idea of Secret Santa – the prospect of giving someone presents anonymously seems to be thrilling, and it’s even more exciting if they are fictional characters.
Some earplugs may be useful. Credit: IMDb, George Bell.

Geralt of Rivia (The Witcher) – Earplugs
Even though we all love “Toss a Coin to Your Witcher” Geralt doesn’t seem to share our enthusiasm about Jaskier’s passion for singing. I confess that at first, I was quite hesitant to give Geralt a present since he tends to be nasty toward his companion. In the end, however, I decided that earplugs would do good for their friendship. Jaskier will be able to pursue his music career while travelling with the witcher without fearing Geralt’s outbursts of anger. Earplugs might make it more difficult for Geralt to hear approaching monsters but I’m sure that a skilful witcher like him will succeed anyway.

Connell Waldron (Normal People) - Wristwatch
With 180,000 people following Connell’s chain on Instagram, I believe that he should continue pursuing a career in social media. A wristwatch is a good idea for a new artefact since Connell aims to be a writer – I’m sure you can imagine an aesthetic image of his hand holding a quill or a photo of him writing an email to Marianne.

Watch brands will beg Connell to wear their products – truly, the influencer we all deserve

The watch on his wrist would be clearly visible - I’m certain people would rave about the way the leather strap bangs into his delicate skin. After some time, watch brands will beg Connell to wear their products – truly, the influencer we all deserve.

Tommy Shelby – Tracksuit set
Yes, it is a controversial one. After all, everyone wants to copy Tommy’s style – well tailored coats, perfectly fitted suits, beautifully crafted waistcoats, but can you actually imagine sitting in the office all day long in an outfit like this, instead of, let’s say, casual tracksuit or at least jeans?

I promise that tracksuit will solve many of your problems

We think Tommy looks dashing in a tracksuit. Credit: IMDb, George Bell.

I deeply believe that many of Tommy’s struggles are results of fashion. How a person is supposed to make a difficult decision when the collar of their shirt is constantly scratching their neck? Let’s be honest, thanks to the lockdown many of us found out that doing work in pyjamas is as effective as in uniform and far more pleasant. Tommy, you might lose the status of a fashion icon, but I promise that tracksuit will solve many of your problems.

Featured image credit: PickPik

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