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Look I know we’re all in quarantine, but do you really need to re-watch Friends again? Here’s some other shows you might want to binge instead…
  1. One Day at a Time: Possibly one of the most underrated Netflix shows, and with three seasons, this one should last you a day at least. Inspired by Norman Lear’s 1975’s series of the same name, it follows Penelope – an army veteran and newly single – living with her Cuban-American family. If you liked the first couple of seasons of The Big Bang TheoryHow I Met Your Mother or New Girl (because let’s be honest, how did they all run for so long?), this show is so much better, and yet seems to have gone under most people’s radar. Tackling topics like sexuality, race and immigration, there’s a certain depth to it that other shows never found. It’ll make you laugh, and yes, cry. But it keeps your mind off all the other craziness going on around us right now – and if that isn’t a good show to binge-watch, I don’t know what is.
  1. John Mulaney: Am I cheating the system here? Possibly. Okay, so John Mulaney has four shows on Netflix that could make brilliant binge-watch material. His stand-up shows are some of the best, and Mulaney himself is an instantly likeable character (“Hey, you could pour soup in my lap and I’ll probably apologise to you”). And if this means that more than two people finally understand the “Yes, you heard me, and English major” reference on my laptop without being in an English seminar with me, then I’m happy.
  1. La Casa de Papel: In a dire attempt to revise for my Spanish and Film A-Levels at the same time – I binged this, or as it’s called over here, Money Heist. The premise is pretty much self-explanatory given the title – a group of eight strangers are hired by “the professor”, the mastermind behind a bank robbery and hostage-situation. What’s genius about the show is how contained it is; switching between the events in the bank, and the police operation outside of it. The tension that builds up waiting for them to collide means ‘next episode’ pressing is unavoidable. My one request? Don’t watch it with English dub if you can help it. To paraphrase the wonderful Bong Joon-Ho: subtitles aren’t scary! 
  1. Louis Theroux: Look, I know the world feels like an apocalypse film right now, but if we’re going to watch anyone explore the outside world (what is that?), it might as well be Louis helping us get Theroux this (I’m not even sorry). Head to season one of Weird Weekends for an episode on UFOs that had me in stitches, and season two for one on off-Broadway… yes, he does an audition. Failing that, there’s 10 of his documentaries and docu-series on Netflix. Thank me later. 

These shows have a fairly decent few running hours, but there’s a few others that, whilst shorter, are definitely worth the cliff-hanger of a season finale. Happy watching…
The Stranger
You (Okay, so technically this has two seasons, but we might as well catch up before season 3 next year)
The Society
I am Not Okay With This
Dead to Me

Last modified: 31st March 2020

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