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Dove Cameron, an inspiring 23-year-old Disney Channel actress, finally launches her music career. She has never been a stranger to singing, having grown up in a musically versed family. Her Disney show “Liv and Maddie” is certainly a great start to her acting career, however, the real beauty of Cameron’s voice is only truly explored in the “Descendants” movie franchise, where she plays the main protagonist Mal (Maleficent’s daughter). Moreover, her breathtaking live singing in musicals such as the recent “Clueless” and “The Light in the Piazza” undoubtedly win the hearts of the audience.

It comes as no surprise then that her fan base has been expecting original music for quite some time. Cameron has been teasing music for a few years now, but did not feel ready to release any content just yet. Now, with two successful singles out, Cameron finally feels like the work she is producing reflects who she really is. “I feel all of a sudden like I’ve come down to reality,” she tells Rolling Stones. “I feel more grounded and human than ever.”

The two singles, which came out on 27th September, tackle the topics of strong mad love and a huge loss. Though they are anything but romantic sentimental lovey-dovey songs you would usually expect from young female singers of our generation. According to Cameron, “Waste” is about the feelings you have when you experience an intense love for someone, the kind that takes you over and swallows you whole, the love that brings both pleasure and pain. She mentions that the song is about her boyfriend and “Descendants” co-star, Thomas Doherty. “Bloodshot”, on the other hand, was inspired by the boy-problems her co-writer Waldrip was going through. It is not a breakup song, as Cameron explicitly has a dislike for them. The lyrics mostly focus on the loss, be that of a friendship or death.

With her focus currently exclusively on music, Cameron is unquestionably an up-and-rising singer to watch out for.

Last modified: 28th October 2019

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