Should students try to give booze the boot?

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Last September 2018, the National Union of Students has conducted a survey completed by 2,215 students in higher education on students’ relationship to alcohol. It was found that 76% feel obliged to consume alcohol excessively and 79% agree that drinking is an integral part of university life. It is truly concerning that university culture is still strongly associated with alcoholism. More so, many students consider drinking to fit in with their peers. But is this the only way to have a good time?

Staying sober can offer other options; personal happiness is no longer limited by alcohol. The world is your oyster. New activities open such as reading a book, camping, hiking and even more! Non-drinking socials can allow students to form deeper connections with those around them. It is here where meaningful conversations are made without the influence of alcohol. Indeed, you are the master of your environment.

Sobriety undoubtedly saves a ton of money. As of 2018, an average university student spends £64 each month on socialising and drinking. That is more than £256 for one semester! One could invest such into their adventure of a lifetime, or even their future career.

This is the way forward. It is entirely possible to enjoy nights out without relying on alcohol. Alternatives needs to be given more emphasis in order to change the predominant perceptions of university life. Drinking does not always equate to being sociable.

Last modified: 8th March 2019

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