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Skincare becomes notably important in the winter when it’s dry and frosty outside, especially when you want to look fabulous going home for the Christmas holidays. Irregular changes in temperature from going out in the cold and staying toasty indoors can really break out your skin if you don’t take good care of it; not to mention all that stress from last minute deadlines.

Finding the balance in moisturiser is frustrating as too much or too little (resulting in your sebum glands producing more oil) can both lead to breakouts. Here’s a guide on my top 4 miracle facial products for achieving that clear dewiness you want to last the whole holiday season!

LUSH Cupcake Mask- £6.75

This mask comes in a small handy container which needs to be refrigerated. It smells delicious like chocolate frosting with a hint cocoa butter and mint; all ingredients used to produce this are 100% natural. The texture is very thick almost like icing, but it doesn’t dry too stiffly. I would highly recommend this for those with oily skin, apply to areas prone to acne or breakouts. For those with combination skin, only apply to oily areas such as the T-zone. As for dry skin, this product is not recommended as it is very strong and will dry out your skin further so perhaps use carefully, only when having a breakout in certain areas. This mask is deep cleansing and leaves your skin smooth and dries out those annoying little pimples, but the downside is that it can leave your skin a bit dry afterwards therefore you will need to use some moisturiser.

Soap & Glory ‘3 in 1 Daily Detox Vitamin C Facial Wash’- £8

This facial wash is easily accessible from Boots and comes in a cute plastic bottle. It’s a fruity smelling green gel that foams in use and has lots of little scrub beads to exfoliate leaving your skin fresh and sleek; and the super fruit yuzu is a natural ingredient that helps brighten your complexion. This product works best on oily or combination skin, daily use can help detoxify and purify your skin from any leftover make up or dirt particles leaving you with fresh and bright skin.

Nivea ‘Gentle Cleansing Cream Wash’- £3.15

This facial wash is also easily accessible from your nearest Boots and it comes in a pink squeeze tube. It’s an amazing product for its low price, as Nivea specialises in skin care. It’s a creamy solution with very few bits of scrub beads infused with natural almond oil that leaves your skin smooth and extremely hydrated. This facial wash provides great care in moisturising and soothing those with dry or sensitive skin and works for combination skin too. It gently cleanses and removes everyday grime, but will not work as a remover of excessive makeup.

Temple Spa ‘Purification Mask’- £22

For those of you willing to spend extra money on skincare, the Purification mask not only comes in a very fancy jar, but also accurately represents its name. This mud mask is made out of land and marine mud, perfect for unblocking clogged pores and blackheads. The mask is a superb vacuum for all the dirt and oil that gets trapped in your skin. It sucks out all the impurities and deeply cleanses without drying your skin out leaving it smooth, vibrant and refreshed.

Last modified: 30th November 2015

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