Sport is Art- Dennis Bergkamp vs Newcastle

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Dennis Bergkamp is not only immortalised in bronze outside the Emirates Stadium, but he is also rightly lauded as the scorer of one of the most majestic goals scored in the Premier League, coming in a tie against Newcastle in March 2002.

Bergkamp was renowned for his composure, finesse and ability to score goals that other players couldn’t begin to comprehend, and if there is one particular effort that sums up the career of the Dutchman, it is this.

The goal he scored against Newcastle is a piece of art in motion. The deft touch of a left foot that moves the ball in a way previously unimaginable, sending it looping around his opponent. The feint of the body that sees him slip away from Nikos Dabizas like a phantom. The ease with which he places the ball beyond a helpless keeper.

It was a once in a lifetime goal, and it requires someone of Bergkamp’s calibre to even attempt something so brilliant. Bergkamp was an artiste, using his feet in lieu of brushes, each stroke capable of producing a masterpiece. On this occasion, with a flick of the ball, a pivot of the body and a finish that exuded composure, Bergkamp produced a masterpiece.

Last modified: 26th October 2018

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