Spotted On Campus

Written by Fashion


Name: Jess Roberts

Course: Philosophy

Stage: 2

“My sheepskin jacket is from America, it’s perfect for winter!  My bobble hat is from ASOS.”


Name: Georgina Shu

Course: Combined Honours

Stage: 2

“My coat is from Zara and my top is from an online brand called Monki. Both my jeans and bag are from Urban Outfitters.”


Name: Ollie Sale

Course: Business Management

Stage: 2

“I’m wearing an Adidas puffa jacket,  a t-shirt from Stussy, and green Adidas superstar shoes.”


Name: Minna Higson

Course: English and Philosophy

Stage: 1

“I’m wearing a denim jacket from the Tynemouth fair, Denim dungarees from vintage fair in Frome, and a red checked top from Urban Outfitters.”

Last modified: 2nd November 2015

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