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Kitty –

Course: Maths

Age: 18


‘‘My Jacket and Shoes- were both gifts for Christmas, and my jumper is from George”

Style Inspiration:

“I love the fashion in Duran Duran’s “The Chauffeur” video.  The girls’ 80’s style is so sophisticated and stylish. I love the song so wear the clothes to remember the music!”

Jamie –

Course: Media, Communications and Culture Studies

Age: 23

Clothes: ‘‘My shirt is from urban outfitters in Berlin, my jeans are also Urban Outfitters, the shoes are Scorpio in Grainger Market & I found the jacket left-over at a house-party last year”

Style Inspiration:

“James Dean”

Party Trick?

“I can make a mean hummus at 3’am while mortal!”


Sarah –

Course: English Lit and Creative Writing

Age: 19

Clothes: ‘‘My cardigan was from a charity shop, shoes are Doc Marten jumper is Beyond Retro and my glasses are Converse’’

Style Inspiration: “I love the gender-neutral clothes at the moment and 90’s in general. Things that are easy to wear and inexpensive.

If you had to marry a Geordie Shore member, who would it be? “NONE of them!”

Aaron –

Course: Biology

Age: 19


‘‘The jeans are from Topman, both my hat and top are from Nicce London and the trainers are Janoski”

Style Inspiration:

“I really like the grunge look at the moment”

Would you rather be chased by 50 duck sized horses, or one horse sized duck?

“Definitely a one horse sized duck!” 

Last modified: 9th November 2015

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