Stardew Valley Update 1.5: Split Screen Co-op

ConcernedApe, developer of indie smash hit Stardew Valley has confirmed split-screen co-op will feature in the next update

Michael Duckworth
29th October 2020
More information about the much anticipated 1.5 update to the serene and bucolic Stardew Valley has been revealed. A split screen co-op mode is to be introduced along with a host of exciting new features.

After announcing the update in February 2020 during four-year anniversary celebrations, Eric Barone (aka. ConcernedApe), the one-man studio, has been worryingly quiet. However with the announcement of two new games in the Stardew Valley universe and with this tease from the developer, there is much to look forward to for fans of the indie hit.

The details of this update are yet to be revealed - the only insight we have is a screenshot showing two players on a shoreline: one player is fishing while the other player sits on a beach chair. Many of the details in this photo show us some exciting new features, such as placing furniture outside and being able to interact with it. The screenshot also shows us submerged trees and wild ducks, which if update 1.4 is anything to go by, is just the start. Some leaks have shown some other features: desert farms, torches being able to be placed on fencing, a new telephone stand and banana trees (and potentially avocado, mango and passionfruit trees as well).

All going well, this update would likely reignite interest in this indie gem. Sharing the idyllic farm life with a friend, family member or partner is an opportunity I imagine many will jump at, particularly after the social deprivation of lockdown. The update is additionally said to support four simultaneous players on PC yet may only be able to support two, which could be disappointing for some. 

The news of this update follows the news of a physical copy of the game, as well as limited merch and deluxe editions, collectors’ items many fans will be vying for.

As for a release date, ConcernedApe has not yet revealed any news that would give a hint of when the update will be released, however rumours and past patterns suggest November 2020 is a safe bet, but for now we must wait in anticipation for any more news.

[Featured Image: IGDB]
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