Steam achieves new record number of concurrently active users

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On 2 February 2020, Steam surpassed its previous record for concurrent users, with nearly 19 million users logged in.

According to SteamDB, 18,801,944 users were logged in at the moment that the new record was set, compared with 18,537,490 online during the same period in 2018. Out of those users, almost 6 million were playing a game. 

This likely came as a big relief for Valve, as the competition from the Epic Games Store, which has now passed 100 million total users, continues to get more heated. The Epic Games Store also reported that Fortnite alone had a peak concurrent user base of 8.3 million, which bodes well for a competitive market.

It can also be noted that, according to the Road to VR survey, the number of VR users over the last year had risen from 767 thousand to 1.3 million. With so many VR killer-apps such as Superhot and Moss on the market, and Half-Life: Alyx on the way, this growth is hardly surprising. 

So what are the most played games currently? The first and the second place both belong to Valve’s own productions: DOTA 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Battle Royale sensation PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds occupies the number three spot, while the fourth serves as home to Houser creation Grand Theft Auto V. The top five is rounded off by Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six: Siege.

Featured image credit: IGDB

Last modified: 24th February 2020

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