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Giant lesbian space rocks. Yep, you heard me right – Steven Universe and his intergalactic freedom fighter moms are back on our screens and I hope your precious hearts are ready to be CRUSHED.

The series’ inconsistent episode schedule is infamous amongst its fandom. It’s been an agonising wait since the last episode (aired in September), with not even a ‘StevenBomb’ (five new episodes aired each day) to tide us over, limiting us to a soulless life of listening to Hear Comes a Thought covers. But the all-powerful Diamond Authority, i.e. Cartoon Network, heard our cries and gifted us with a Thanksgiving themed episode on November 17th, ‘Gem Harvest.’ It was a sweet family-orientated affair, focusing on the prejudices of Greg’s long lost cousin Andy, and aptly aired amongst the chaos of post-US election.

And now, we don’t even have to wait another month to get our next fix. ‘Three Gems and a Baby’, most likely the last episode before the New Year, airs on December 1st in the States. The episode has the cryptic description of ‘Greg tell[ing] Steven about their first winter together’, and as the title suggests, it’s going to revolve around the Crystal Gems getting to grips taking care of a young Steven. As tends to be with the show, this can only lead to two scenarios – shenanigans or crying. There is no in-between with this damn series, and it’s a Russian Roulette of the feels.

Whether the rest of Season 4 will see a more organised release schedule in 2017 is yet to be confirmed, but regardless, I’m ecstatic to see the return of one of TV’s greatest kids animation. Just make Lapis and Peridot bang already, jeez.

Last modified: 3rd December 2016

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