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What has happened to the furry little yak? Will it make a return come Christmas, or is it to be put to bed alongside Bebo and Myspace in a place the internet forgot?

The social media app went through waves of subjects such as fantasy library relationships, break ups outside The Robinson, rivalry with Northumbria and little quips to brighten someone’s day.  Posting a yak became a way to feel socially accepted, but if it went down in flames, it was completely anonymous – win, win.

“Are the new hopefuls too hungover from Fresher’s Week to think of anything witty”

For many our fun was found in things such as trying to get to the top of the hot list, thinking you were a genius or sinking someone’s ship who is on -4. It was one of the best reasons for coming back to Uni, as we all know the yak game was strongest in The Toon.

Unfortunately, it appears that the drivel that was once ignored on Yik Yak has now become the primary feature, such as plastic bags being 5p and different variations of ‘Netflix and Chill’. Also people seem to think it is the new Tinder… C’mon guys it’s anonymous, I’m sure Orange Flag does want a cuddle buddy but I’m sure it isn’t you.

Is it that last year’s once giddy Freshers no longer have the happiness to amuse others due to the realisation that they are almost halfway through University and hate their housemates. Are the new hopefuls still too hungover from Freshers Week to think of anything witty? Or is it the fact we have had summer without it and realised there is more to life than social media and our iPhones? I’m going for the first one…

“C’mon guys, I’m sure Orange Flag does want a cuddle buddy but I’m sure it isn’t you”

But it still has its golden comedy moments, such as ‘I opened my birthday card and a load of rice came out. My Uncle Ben is a right prick’.  It also has the power to capture the thoughts and feelings of a city in a way that apps such as Twitter will always fail to do. It especially has its merits during those dead hours in the library when you’ve hit writer’s block. Nothing quite says getting the creative juices flowing again like sending a cheeky Yak about the equally as bored person sat on the computer next to you. However, the hottest yak is merely grasping at the ankles of last year’s numbers. The real question could be has Yik Yak lost it’s muse or it’s audience?

With an income of $75 million a year, maybe in some places it is thriving, but it does not seem to be expanding in any way, shape or form, so are we bored?

The conversations about the app have now died down; the trend is over, maybe it’s time to delete it. As we know what goes up, must come down.

Last modified: 19th October 2015

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