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Ever realised part way through trying on a cute new outfit that it looks good, but you can’t quite tell if the lightings dodgy, there’s something missing somewhere or maybe your top just does NOT go with those jeans? Well, here are some shopping essentials you should take with you so you can turn that retail rut you might find yourself in, into stress free retail therapy…


Its amazing what a small accessory like a belt can do to completely change the look of your outfit. There’s always that one straight cut dress that seems to make you look about as curvy as a ruler. However, taking a belt with you (which can easily fit into your bag) is the key to drawing the fabric in and accentuating your waistline. Before you put the dress back on the rack, try this trick by remembering to take your favourite belt with you – it could be the difference between you leaving the store with shopping blues or a huge smile on your face even if there is a little less money in your pocket.


It’s almost painful to draw attention to one of the most infuriating things that can ruin your changing room mood – the dreaded bra strap. They sneak up on us at the most untimely moments, but there’s a way to stop this surprise attack on you and your bandeau top. Throwing in a strapless bra along with that belt could be your new best friend when it comes to shopping for a new top or dress, saving you the trouble of that awkward task of shoving the straps down into your bra to see what it would look like (let’s be honest it doesn’t really work does it?) ALAS! Bra? What bra?


Ok, you might be thinking that most of us go shopping with our socks on but this is a hidden horror almost as bad as the bra straps. Autumn is here and if you were planning on getting those adorable new winter boots then listen up. A pair of thick woolly socks and a pair of trainer socks make a big change to how much wiggle room your toes get in there, and no one wants to have their shoes half falling off on their way to a lecture. Besides allowing you to use your boots for what Nancy Sinatra said they were made for, woolly socks add a little extra something to your autumn/winter style too. So take the socks, try the shoes, see my point. You’re welcome.


Heels might not be a problem in most shops, our stores now glorifying us with racks of glossy pairs in all heights and styles. Although sometimes when we venture out for a shiny new buy we have something more specific in mind such as a certain colour. Taking your heels with you could be a good idea if you bought them before the outfit, saving that sinking feeling when you get home only to find its five shades darker than the shoes – SO not worth it. Harder to fit into your bag but a space taken up that yourself and your bank account will thank you for later. And who wants to have to stand in the returns queue anyway?


Last but not least, don’t forget to take smaller less memorable accessories, such as a pair of earrings that you need a colour match for or a nail varnish you bought but are yet to try. Sometimes it really is the little things, and as pointed out it’s much easier than having to make a second trip to return items because they looked right in the store but not so right in your bedroom mirror.

So next time you go for that retail therapy, make sure it really is therapy and not a disaster simply by taking a few extra items from home. Whether it be accessories, full pieces of clothing or shoes. Taking an extra five minutes to plan does wonders for the new additions to your wardrobe and the mind. Now go and find yourself some new treats minus the stress!

Last modified: 17th September 2019

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