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Where is the ideal place for a winter holiday? Sunbathing in Spain? A night out in Amsterdam? Following my recent trip, I would personally say the ideal destination is Krakow, Poland.

Firstly (and most importantly), the trip will not cost you too much. There are direct flights from Newcastle and if you fly from Edinburgh, like I did, you can get a round trip for less than £50. Nothing is too expensive during your stay aswell- I had a nice tasty dinner just for £5!

The city is full of things to do. I spent a day walking around the Renaissance style town, enjoying a look at the churches and synagogues. The area has famous world heritage sites well worth seeing. Auschwitz-Bilkenau concentration camp is about two hour drive from the city. What you see there is beyond your imagination- no words are adequate to explain the experience. All I can say is make a visit there yourself and see what you feel. Another place to visit is the Wieliczka Salt Mine. One of the first world heritage sites, you can go 300 meters underground and explore the historical architecture. You will also find a breath-taking church inside with salt crystal chandeliers in the hall.

If you’re an adventure loving person, don’t worry! Take a bus for two hours and you’ll get to the city of Zakopane, one of Poland’s most famous ski resorts. Although I didn’t have time to go skiing, I hiked all the way up to lake Morskie Oko and it was incredible to stand on the frozen lake and see the mountains so close up.

Last but not least, Krakow has the perfect nightlife scene. Enough to satisfy the club loving students of Newcastle, you could try vodka tasting or have a pint of polish beer at the pub. If you want to go a bit classier, I recommend trying a Jazz bar with a glass of wine. You will find them on every corner of the city and they offer the perfect chance to experience live music. Prefer Dance music? Not a problem! Krakow also offers the perfect opportunity to party until the very early morning.

This lively city has everything to offer. Why not book a flight and have a visit yourself?


Last modified: 12th February 2018

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