Students force Prince Andrew out of Huddersfield University

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Prince Andrew has stood down as chancellor of Huddersfield University following a student led campaign in response to the recent revelations about his friendship with billionaire paedophile and human trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

Students took to twitter to air their views using the hashtag ‘#notmychancellor’, and on Tuesday 19th November passed a unanimous motion stating that their university shouldn’t be represented by “a man with ties to organised child sexual exploitation and assault”. The Prince stood down two days later.

Huddersfield Uni is the latest in a series of organisations to cut ties with the Duke of York, including two universities in Australia and numerous charitable organisations. Andrew has also stepped back from his “public role” as a member of the royal family, reportedly at the behest of the Queen.

Allegations surrounding the nature of Prince Andrew’s involvement with Epstein have been public knowledge for years. The most serious one is the alleged rape of a 17 year old victim of human trafficking. Due to this, the Prince’s actions have only hit the headlines in the past two weeks, following ag 45 minute interview with the BBC’s Emily Maitlis.

During the interview, which took place at Buckingham Palace, Prince Andrew claimed that he couldn’t have been guilty of the alleged rape due to his inability to sweat and the fact that he could distinctly remember visiting a Pizza Express in Woking on the day in question over 18 years ago.

The Prince drew criticism for his lack of empathy towards the victims of Epstein’s crimes, who weren’t mentioned during the interview, whilst he also came under fire for saying that he didn’t regret the friendship and that he decided to spend four days at Epstein’s house after he had been convicted of sex crimes because he was “too honourable”.

The interview seemingly prompted incredulity and outrage, with many taking to Twitter to express their horror at the Prince’s alleged actions. Three of the five most popular hashtags in the UK on the day after the interview was broadcast referenced Andrew, #PrinceAndrewInterview, #NonceUponATime and #PizzaExpressWoking.

The Huddersfield University Students Union welcomed Andrew’s decision to step down, stating “we know our students will welcome this decision” and expressing their support for Epstein’s victims. The university itself, however, took a more reserved view, thanking Prince Andrew for his work.

This doesn’t look to be the end of the saga, with rumours circling that Prince Andrew will be interviewed by the FBI. Following this incident, the Prince then stepped down as patron for London Metropolitan University. Through ;ooking at this, it is anyone’s guess what will happen next to the man many have dubbed the “paedophile Prince”.

Last modified: 29th November 2019

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