Styling your Rugby World Cup shirt

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As the Rugby World Cup draws to a close in Japan, the demand for supporting your team and looking good is more essential than ever. Styling your shirt is so important so I’ve compiled a list of the ways you can get ready for the final.

A simple, yet incredibly effective way to look good whilst cheering on your team is the t-shirt tie. Grab your shirt, maybe a slightly bigger one than your usual size, and get the bottom of it to tie a knot. Maybe pair this with some high-waisted jeans to really round off the look.

Another couple of ways include experimenting with a couple of different style tucks. You could tuck in fully or go for the Queer Eye favourite of the “French tuck” as both look pretty decent.

One aesthetic you really can’t go wrong with is the retro look. Websites like eBay and DePop have some hidden gems for a reasonable price. With an England v South Africa final, there’s such a good range of cool shirts for both sides out there. A Roses classic has to be the 2003 World Cup shirt, the only time the side have won the tournament thanks to a Jonny Wilkinson drop goal. A sleek look from Nike, introducing more skin-tight material than the typical baggy rugby shirts. The Springboks 1995 World Cup winning jersey is also a smashing number, fitting into the more retro baggy shirt style, whilst retaining a simplistic beauty about it.

If none of these styles appeal, then have no fear, there’s one more style that’s really taken off during the 2019 World Cup. Rugby super-fan, Bak-san, went global at the start of October when he was revealed to be painting the shirts on his body, rather than buying them. If worse comes to worse, then take a leaf out of Bak-san’s book and pop down to your nearest B&Q for a couple of tins of paint to create your own shirt.

Last modified: 4th November 2019

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