Summer graduation ceremonies postponed

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Summer 2020 graduation ceremonies will be postponed until further notice, an email from the University has today announced.

The email states that “all University-run and NUSU events will be cancelled until further notice. Summer 2020 graduation ceremonies will be postponed but please note final year students will be able to attend a graduation ceremony in the future. Please be reassured that you do not have to attend a ceremony in order to successfully graduate – the ceremony is just the celebration!”

It is rumoured that students will graduate during the winter ceremonies in December, but this remains unconfirmed, and a dedicated graduation ceremony may be hosted for those unable to graduate this June.

For international students or those relocating from Newcastle after their studies finish, this poses a particular problem as they may not be able to attend the postponed ceremony,

The email states that, despite these measures, the University plans to keep accommodation sites open for students who choose to remain in Newcastle, and will continue to provide a basic level of library services which may just be restricted to core hours, although this is being reviewed daily. The University intends to keep King’s Gate open to ensure it can continue providing essential wellbeing and counselling services for students struggling. The email also announces that all sports facilities will be closed until further notice.

UPDATE (21 May): class of 2020 petition for physical graduation

Last modified: 26th May 2020

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