SWEET COLUMN: Guerrilla Girls

Written by Arts

In a time when our socio-political climate so strongly resembles Theresa May’s saggy arse cheek, it’s important for people to take their anger and dejection and channel it into something productive. Something like politically rebellious art, maybe?

The Guerrilla Girls are a group of anonymous feminist artists from New York City, whose work fights to tackle racism and sexism in the art world.  The group maintain their anonymity by donning gorilla masks and going under the pseudonyms of dead women artists. In a time of Weinstein, Trump and Woody Fucking Allen, where sexual harassment is rife but also being subjected to mass-exposure, it is important that art and artists politically comment on such issues and use their art to highlight injustices within society.

To top it all off, their work is exceptional. Cross-media collage with confrontational, thought provoking statements proudly plastered on. The Guerrilla Girls, Women’s March and arts groups like Girl Gang are all fantastic examples of how we can use our voices and creativity to fight back against or supposed leader’s soggy arse cheeks – maybe even against a few of her policies, too.

Last modified: 7th February 2018

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