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The pantomime! The old great British tradition, where men wear dresses (wow, they really were ahead of their time), every dastardly villain has a terrifying evil laugh and audience participation is a necessity.

My love for theatre probably began when I was a little kid going to see the panto with my family. Back then, it was the glitziest, most glamorous, magical show I’d seen. And despite growing up into a self-admitted Scrooge, the pantomime still hasn’t lost its charm for me.

the last ‘Cinderella’ I saw featured the horse and carriage suspended from the ceiling

What’s to hate about a fun show where you’re encouraged to shout at the stage? In my humble opinion, more shows should allow you to scream “HE’S BEHIND YOU!” whenever the bad guy sneaks on stage. Tales of adventure, jokes and mild comedic danger set the scene for timeless family fun. Pantomimes have definitely become more high tech in recent years – the last ‘Cinderella’ I saw featured the horse and carriage suspended from the ceiling!

Some would say they’re not the same, and are now just another festive money-making scheme. But no matter how many tricks and toys they throw at us, the core of them will always remain… Oh no it won’t! … Oh yes it will!

Last modified: 6th December 2017

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