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Activism across the borders: Hong Kong protests reach Newcastle


Alex Downing reports on the pro-Hong Kong and pro-Beijing protests that took place in Newcastle city centre. ...

Is the arrest of climate activists justified?


Protests and strikes are part of any healthy democracy. The repeated arrest of Jane Fonda and Extinction rebellion activists for raising awareness of Climate change is an affront...

Extinction Rebellion: the leaders against climate change


The Extinction Rebellion are growing increasingly important in the current climate regarding environmental issues. Read on to find out what they've been up to this time....

Why have some received Greta Thunberg so badly?


Victoria Osho writes about climate activist Greta Thunberg's recent UN speech. ...

Political harassment: how far is too far?


In this climate of chaos, resentment against seemingly incapable politicians is understandable. Unsurprisingly however, this frustration seems to come from the same people who...

Jamie Cameron: The cuts to staff pensions are a needless ideological choice based on faulty figures


Jamie Cameron speaks out in support of the lecturers that are striking over cuts to and marketization of their pensions after UCU balloting action....