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Sex Education earns a qualification in representation


Film editor Lucy Lillystone discusses the importance of diversity in teen TV shows...

Legalising drugs: more than a pipe dream?


The Scottish Affairs Committee last week published a report saying that possession of illegal drugs for personal use should be decriminalised. This comes as drug-related deaths in...

Canadian legal firm takes action against Fortnite


There's trouble on the horizon for Epic Games, and Sesha Subramanian has all the juicy details....

Newcastle to host the 2020 Recovery Walk


Newcastle is set to host the 2020 UK Recovery Walk, showing a push from the city to lose its previous brand of being a ‘party city’. The Recovery Walk is an annual event that...

Confessions of a Beauty Addict


They say that everyone has an Achilles heel and Miranda Stoner tells us about her's: her addiction to all things beauty....