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‘Age is just a number’-then why does fashion still care?


In light of Dame Judi becoming British Vogues oldest cover model, Shamara Mohsin discusses how age still impacts the fashion industry...

Low-carb diet to combat brain ageing, study finds


Amanda Goh on how low carb diets can help against brain ageing and brain degeneration...

Beauty icon of the week: Gillian Anderson


Rachel Makinson tells us about her beauty icon of the week - the inspirational Gillian Anderson, a role model for aging gracefully....

Newcastle University Join 60+ Organisations in ‘Healthy Ageing’ Initiative


Newcastle University has joined with over 60 organisations in a shared vision for Healthy Ageing, an initiative created by the ‘Centre for Ageing Better’ and...

Slow walking is an indicator of ageing


Could the speed of your walk be linked to how far along you've come in life - both literally and figuratively?...

Can young blood rejuvenate the old?


Bruce Skelton asks if blood transfusions could delay the inevitable....