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TwitchCon Europe


Shawn Khoo updates us with info about Twitch's plans for a Twitch Convention on our side of the pond!...

Brazil’s move to the far right: a future environmental disaster?


I hope you all like dogs as much as you say you do online, because they’re going to be one of the few animals we have left. Jair Bolsonaro’s election is a disaster – for...

Amazon: Toil and Trouble


This week, Amazon gave us a clue as to the real source of its shareholders’ dividends. Following criticism over its notoriously bad working conditions, for example, when the...

Review: Preacher


Ahhh Preacher. What a breath of fresh air. In an industry saturated with lengthy superhero shows and crime procedurals, a programme about a preacher that receives the power of...

Amazon will bring new things to The Lord of the Rings


TV editor Alex Moore shares his verdict on the news that Amazon have won a $250million deal to produce a LOTR TV series. ...