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Scream Queens behind screens


Anrjoya Shree discusses the importance of the female gaze in horror...

Re-seen on the big screen


Our writers take a look at films they hope to see on the silver screen for the first time...

The Courier: 30 days of film – day 9


For day 9 of The Courier: 30 days of film, our writers look at those films they hate but everyone else loved...

The Courier: 30 days of film – day 2


Our writers recommend films that begin with the first letter of their name, from The Grand Budapest Hotel to The Lighthouse....

Should it be continued….?


Ruby Osborne take a look back at some of the best and worst sequals Hollywood has turned out...

Tyneside Halloween all-nighter 2017


Starting at 22.15 and set to finish at 6.30, watching a quad feature of cult horror films as I grew more delirious with sleep deprivation seemed like an interesting concept and,...