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Has brain study crossed a line?


Lilla Marshall reports on ethical issues that surround neurological studies...

Animal Testing: Is it justified?


Animal testing has been a part of science for centuries. Is it time for a change? ...

Why lobsters shouldn’t be boiled alive


Scarlett Rowland argues that crustaceans are sentient creatures that can feel pain....

Soapbox: Questionnaires, Tory budget & Animal sentience


Jack Coles, Joe Holloran & Mhairi McGee have their say on the issues of the week...

How to keep your Make Up Cruelty-free


We all love makeup. For some of us it’s a lifeline we can’t leave home without, for others a special occasional treat. Regardless, we all have fun choosing and applying the...

Fight the fur trade, tooth and claw


Few of us would knowingly buy fur. Indigo Hogg examines the abusive fur trade, and our unconscious consumerism. ...