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It’s time to be productive


It’s that time of year where there are mid-module assessments and tests coming at you left right and centre, forcing the sad realisation that it’s time to get your shit...

New app tests how stoned you are


Chris Little wonders who will get the highest score....

Facial Recognition App Will Let You Buy Booze at Self-checkout


This marvellous new app will revolutionise your shopping experience, says Christopher Little....

Stronglifts 5×5: is it effective?


Samantha Reveley reviews the Stronglifts 5X5 workout programme and talks us through the pros and cons of the app and routine....

Mobiles: An App-t medium for gaming?


Jack Coles and Jamie Cameron enter into a clash royale over gaming on-the-go....

App works like magic for city’s drivers


McKee was another winner of NETV Digital Catapult's competition ...