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Biodiversity loss: An irreversible threat?


Tobias Lawrence examines the alarming reality of biodiversity loss and what this means for the future...

Mauritius oil spill threatens wildlife and protests call for government resignation


Eleanor Norton examines the recent oil spill in Mauritius and protests fuelled by a controversial government response...

Scientists propose an innovative new biodiversity target


After shortfalls in tackling the biodiversity crisis, and an increase in pressure to save threatened species, environmental policy experts have teamed up to propose a new...

The global fight against Earth’s sixth mass extinction


Given the biodiversity crisis faced by our planet, conservation has never been so important. Currently, we are undergoing biodiversity decline at a rate of tens to hundreds of...

Malaysia’s last Sumatran rhino no more


Kristina Flexman on the demise of the last known individual in Malaysia of a critically endangered species...

WWF’s Living Planet Report: Diversity is dying


Humanity's destructive effect on the environment is no secret. But just how destructive are we? ...