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Memory Card: the husks of Mass Effect


Stacey Henley recalls one of gaming's most uniquely terrifying enemies - the Husks of Mass Effect....

Review: Anthem


After a shakey beta, Kaitlyn Maracle checks in on Athem and puts its mechanics under a microscope....

BioWare apologiees for problems with Anthem’s demo


Shawn Khoo bares all regarding the innumerable issues that hampered Anthem's demo launch....

Revisiting the Mass Effect Franchise


Jack Coles steps into the shoes of Commander Shepard and tackles BioWare’s spacefaring epic from start to infamous end...

Emotional and Endearing: Why Dragon Age: Origins still Captivates Today


Has Dragon Age burnt out over the years? Laura Staniforth certainly doesn't think so......

More like Andromedon't


On the 16th of February, the lead writer of Mass Effect: Andromeda, Chris Schlerf, announced via Twitter that he has left Bioware Montreal. Previously a senior writer for Halo 4,...