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The white-washing of our curriculum – what more must be done?


Education is our most important tool for change, but what happens when the education you have been given has lead to you being uneducated in a society which systematically favours...

British Women in the Liberation of Frederick Douglass


As part of the university's 'Insights' public lectures series, Professor Leigh Fought - associate professor of history at Le Moyne College in Syracuse - gave a lecture celebrating...

African-American influence in modern fashion


With the Fashion Month behind us, this is the time of the year when the industry sets the trends for the spring season, all based on the designs presented throughout September....

New building honours slave abolitionist


A £35 million Newcastle University building is set to be named after 1800s anti-slavery campaigner Frederick Douglass. Douglass, thought to have been born in 1818, was born into...

“We all came from the same place”: Newcastle University hosts Islam and Black History Event


“Why Islam and black history?” was the question posed to open the talk on the 29th of November. Newcastle University’s Islamic Society (ISoc) and Afro-Carribean Society...