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2019 in books


2019, new year new books am I right? Here are some books coming soon in your local bookstore! 1) Five Feet Apart by Rachael Lippincoot, publication date: 14th January 2019 Five...

Desert Island Books: Lecturer edition


We ask our favourite lecturers what book changed their life, what novels get them nostalgic or what polotical journals get their blood boiling , and why they had such an effect on...

Are physical books outdated?


Gerry Hart and Lucy Lillystone discuss paper books, comparing them to their less traditional conterparts and whether modern technology is ruining contemporary experiences of...

Could Modern Science Make Frankenstein’s Monster?


Science Editor Jack Coles ponders Mary Shelly's monstrous creation....

‘The Sun and Her Flowers’ is a shining success


Sophie Henderson shares her thoughts on Rupi Kaur's latest book 'The Sun and Her Flowers'....

Have you ever heard of BookTube?


Lydia says: “My favourite BookTuber at the moment is MercyBookishMusings. She gives honest, funny and insightful reviews. I like that she doesn’t always follow the crowd and...