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Coronavirus and the rise of ecofascism


Callum Sawyers on the worrying potential for a new trend in post-COVID discourse ...

Why coronavirus will not lead to a political shift to the left


Tom Leach on why the radical policies enacted to deal with COVID-19 aren't here for good...

Review: Good Bye, Lenin! (2003)


This week's international film sees Grace Dean discuss the 2003 German comedy Good Bye, Lenin!...

Amelia Ward: We are more than consumers. Resist the pension cuts!


Amelia Ward: Opposition to the strikes is symptomatic of our toxic individualism. It's time to save ourselves from overbearing and distant elites and join the strike!...

A Capitalist Christmas: The Truth Behind the Ads


  December is upon us already, and with the onslaught of Christmas tunes in coffee shops and questionable Christmas jumpers comes the phenomena that is the Christmas advert....

Trouble in Paradise?


Turns out Paradise is a club for the ultra-rich tax-dodging enthusiasts, and you’re not invited, loser Jack Coles  The Paradise Papers are a collection of documents...