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Razzies: Are these films truly cat-astrophies?


George Bell takes a look a the Razzie nominations: are they deserved?...

Review: Cats (U)


TV editor Sophie Hicks paw-ses to review the Cats film adaptation, which has received many sour-milk reviews...

Cats: West End to Big Screen


For this weeks Coming Soon! feature, Meg Blount talks of her excitement for upcoming film Cats...

Roast, Toast, and Soapbox


Roast Fascist Franco’s Family Fiasco On October 24th a grave injustice was put right when the remains of the fascist former dictator of Spain, Francisco Franco (1892-1975),...

Toxoplasma And Mental Health


Is there a potential link between a number of debilitating mental health disorders and a seemingly innocuous parasite? ...

Research purrroves pets are beneficial to health


Pet-owners statistically less likely to suffer mental and physical health problems, writes Grace Dean....