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Will the election ruin Christmas?


Cora Herbert votes on whether the upcoming election will divide families over the festive period...

How to vote tactically: should you vote at home or at uni?


Grace Piercey writes about the potential benefits of tactical voting in the upcoming general election. ...

The Corbyn Revolution?


Once again, a General Election beckons, and the eyes of the nation turn to the polls. Around this time in the political calendar, people cannot also help but look back. Johnson...

Does social media sway public opinion in politics?


It needs to be noted that, while it’s easy to blame technology for today’s problems, through history humans have consistently proved their ability to divide, with or without...

Corbyn talks Universal Credit, Mike Ashley and socialism at Newcastle City Hall


On Saturday 5 October,  Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party, Laura Pidcock MP, Ian Lavery MP, Chris Peace PPC, Nick Brown MP, Chi Onwurah MP, and Lauren Dingsdale PPC,...