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Gal Gadot takes a stand for the gal-dem


Beth Chrisp applauds Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot for her stance against Brett Ratner...

Justice League (12A) Review


Callum Costello reviews the latest DC Superhero blockbuster...

Crossover Culture revisited


Haaris Qureshi provides a history of crossovers and explores the use of such in this climate of superhero takeovers. ...

DC vs Marvel: Dawn of Good Films


With the DC Cinematic Universe failing at every turn Joe Holloran offers some reasons, and solutions, for their consistent bad reception, and just plain awful luck....

The Lego Batman Movie (U)


Batman is back, man, and this time, he's, uh, brickier - Zoë Godden went to see if the caped crusader's transfer to cartoon-form is the best he's been in a while....