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The case of Yolanda Bonnell: Should everyone really be a critic?


Having your work misunderstood is a heartbreaking feeling for any writer or artist, particularly when your work is dealing with issues that are important to you. For this reason,...

Sheffield University is playing a dangerous game


Alex Dunn takes to task Sheffield's plan to pay students to tackle microaggressions ...

Newcastle University tackles racial discrimination and harassment


Victoria Osho reports on Newcastle University's response to Racial Harassment report...

No, Mr. Hurst, special needs statements are no “Golden Ticket”


Joe Holloran gives us his take on the controversial comments made in The Times by Greg Hurst....

Race traitors: the hypocrisy of the left


Extend the privilege of individuality to all and scrap this race–based discriminatory identity politics nonsense.  In the past, the role that BAME (Black, Asian and...

Riot Games sued for gender-based discrimination


Kelly South reports on the shocking conditions at the Riot Games offices...