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End Game (12) Review


Not to be confused with the conspiracy ridden 2007 Endgame, written and directed by professional nutter Alex Jones, this new straight to Netflix short film tells a poignant story...

Newcastle University hosts screening of new Netflix documentary


Steven Ross reports on the screening of Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution at Newcastle University...

Blue Planet II: David Attenborough Dives into the Mysteries of the Ocean Once More


David Attenborough could describe someone making a cup of tea to me and I’d still think it was the most amazing sight to ever grace my screen. The long-awaited release of Blue...

Francofonia (12A)


Will Capuano goes back in time to Nazi-occupied France to review this documentary on the life of the Louvre art museum - is it the equivalent of watching WWII paint dry, or is...

13th (15)


Rachel Baker goes behind bars to review the hard hitting Netflix Original documentary on the States' 13th Amendment....