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Top 5 video game movies


From goofy, cheesy 90s flicks to yellow CGI mice, James Troughton gives a rundown of his favourite video game films....

Memory Card: Doom


James Troughton picks up a shooter he never got round to, and tears his way through the original Doom!...

Why do we play Video Games?


What are we doing? What's the point of it all. Jack Coles ponders why we find video games so captivating...

Counting Down Gaming’s Deadliest Weapons


Weapons. Gaming’s full of them, from the relatively discreet to the utterly cataclysmic. So in honour of gaming’s more destructive tendencies, we’re counting...

Prepare to face your DOOM


Throughout the years we have seen the likes of Activision and EA attempt to reinvent the genre. Now we see the triumph return of Doom, the one that started it all and by trimming...

The Top 5 Most Anticipated Games of 2016


Far Cry: Primal Far Cry goes prehistoric meaning there won’t be any be any modern means of transportation nor firearms. Instead you will have to get in touch with nature, use...