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The rising health craze of kombucha and kefir


Cayla Viner looks into the health benefits of kefir and kombucha to see if they live up to the craze...

It’s beginning to look a latte like Christmas


Caitlin Rawlings shares the new festive drinks in Starbucks, Costa and more. ...

Newcastle is flooded by the sea of Bubble Tea


Aruzhan Sagynay tells us her 101 on bubble tea...

How to host eco-friendly pres


Madeleine Raine discusses the best ways of adapting your pres to make them eco-friendly. ...

Rant of the Week: ‘Not so pumpkin spice’ Lattes


Victoria Young rants about the hype of Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Perhaps she has a right too... considering "there's no real pumpkin in the thing!"...

Review: Fat Hippo Underground


Melissa Kuman visited Fat Hippo Underground to try some of their locally sourced burgers. She shares a review of her experience, the service and the food....