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Polar Bear footprints used develop ethical tracking techniques


Swedish scientists working with the WWF Alaska and the Department of Wildlife Management have been able to isolate DNA from left over cellular debris in snow pawprints of polar...

Beluga whale spy: Licence to krill?


It’s something that you might read about in a sci-fi book. It’s safe to say a mysterious harnessed beluga whale isn’t something you’d expect to see every day. But, for a...

Word of the Week: Carrion


Carrion is something immediately associated with vultures. Or hyenas, slavering over the body of some unfortunate zebra; downed by a hungry lion, then abandoned to those...

The All-Female Crayfish Species


Crayfish, sometimes also known as crawfish, crawdad or freshwater lobsters, are closely related to the lobster. Crayfish can be found throughout the world, mainly in freshwater....