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Sam Fender to turn on Newcastle’s Christmas Lights


This year, the start of Newcastle's Christmas celebrations will be marked by the turning on of the Christmas lights by Geordie musician Sam Fender, just two months after the...

Conquering my fears of improv: Alphabetti Theatre’s ‘Write Faster!’


Charlotte Slinger reviews the recent Alphabetti Theatre production 'Write Faster!'...

Why you should watch Queer Eye


Season 3 of Queer Eye has been released and here’s why you should watch it. In a few words, Queer Eye is a makeover show which people are nominated by their friends and family...

Newcastle societies take the Fringe


Newcastle University’s very own A Capella Society and Theatre Society (NUTS) both made exciting appearances at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival last week. The festival is renowned...

Good chords for a great cause: Oxfam Society brings Oxjam to the Cluny


Q: What happens when Newcastle University’s finest musical talent and Oxfam Society walk into a bar? A: You’re left with a head-nodding, toe-tapping night of live music. On...

Say no more to too much gore?


Film editor Joe Holloran on the use of excessive violence on TV...