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Conquering my fears of improv: Alphabetti Theatre’s ‘Write Faster!’


Charlotte Slinger reviews the recent Alphabetti Theatre production 'Write Faster!'...

Why you should watch Queer Eye


Season 3 of Queer Eye has been released and here’s why you should watch it. In a few words, Queer Eye is a makeover show which people are nominated by their friends and family...

Newcastle societies take the Fringe


Newcastle University’s very own A Capella Society and Theatre Society (NUTS) both made exciting appearances at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival last week. The festival is renowned...

Good chords for a great cause: Oxfam Society brings Oxjam to the Cluny


Q: What happens when Newcastle University’s finest musical talent and Oxfam Society walk into a bar? A: You’re left with a head-nodding, toe-tapping night of live music. On...

Say no more to too much gore?


Film editor Joe Holloran on the use of excessive violence on TV...