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S-pacific ecology projects gain lecturer charity patron status


The environmental conservation educational charity Another Way has recently appointed Dr Alan Jamieson of Newcastle University as its first patron. Dr Jamieson, of the School of...

Beluga whale spy: Licence to krill?


It’s something that you might read about in a sci-fi book. It’s safe to say a mysterious harnessed beluga whale isn’t something you’d expect to see every day. But, for a...

The ideal plant


The Salk Institute in the US has been working on an intriguingly clever idea to combat global warming: modified plants that absorb excess CO2 from the atmosphere...

Bionic mushroom makes electricity


Photosynthetic bacteria growing on mushrooms? Photosynthetic bacteria growing on mushrooms! ...

WWF’s Living Planet Report: Diversity is dying


Humanity's destructive effect on the environment is no secret. But just how destructive are we? ...