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Brexit: are new funds sticking a plaster on a fatal wound?


Rarely has a government been criticised for promising billions in funding to some of the most deprived local authorities in the country. Theresa May has once again demonstrated...

Top keksit


I was barely through my third pre-dinner vodka when I heard the news. Theresa May’s deal got voted out again by a margin of 149; perhaps not as big as the literally historic...

Brexit: Endgame


Much like the highly anticipated Avengers flick this summer, Brexit finally seems to be reaching its ‘Endgame’, or at least it appears to be. Officially, and legally, the UK...

Scientists Without Borders


Jack Coles describes the issues with scientific research caused by borders....

Rupert Murdoch proves why we can't leave the EU


Anthony Hilton recently revealed in his column in the London Evening Standard a conversation he once had with Rupert Murdoch about the UK’s membership of the European Union. His...