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Put that robe on, grab a camera & beer, and become a Newcastle graduate


So you’ve finally got the degree. Your mam is over the moon. You can finally put on your ridiculously extra graduation robes and stand proudly in front of the arches for a photo...

Tyne to move on


Well, we made it. As baby-faced freshers with student loans burning holes in our pockets, graduation seemed a lifetime away. Now that we’re all a dishevelled three years older...

Big up the Toon, you’ve been real


Aite boom. It’s graduation day; a day of celebration and reflection. A chance for you to revel in the success of you and your mates, get excited for whatever the next stage...

Your degree may be over, but the memories will never fade


It’s finally over. After all those hours spent huddled over a desk in the Robbo, all those 9am lectures that you just about made it to on time, all those seminars you blagged...

Farewell to Newcastle: ‘In the end, none of this matters’


It’s about bloody time you’re leaving. You’ve been here for three or four years, and now your time at university has come to a resolute end....