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Spain’s willful amnesia


Film editor Joe Holloran examines the rise of the far right in Spain and the legacy of the recently re-buried Fransico Franco....

Roast, Toast, and Soapbox


Roast Fascist Franco’s Family Fiasco On October 24th a grave injustice was put right when the remains of the fascist former dictator of Spain, Francisco Franco (1892-1975),...

Rammstein cause controversy with fascist imagery


Following their latest music video, Em Richardson questions the band's use of fascist imagery....

International Film: Come & See (1985)


For this weeks international film, Film editor Joe Holloran praises the harrowing Soviet war film Come and See....

Together we are dynamite: Stand Up to Racism discusses what we can learn from the past


As part of Black History Month, Thursday 18th October saw the Stand Up to Racism meeting “Fighting Racism and Fascism Today: Lessons of the Past”. It was attended by upwards...