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Fallout 4 – Michael Hicks


After what seems at the same time like a millennium and no time at all, Fallout 4 is finally here and in my PS4. Once more do I venture into Fallout’s bombed-out husk of a...

Fallout 4 – Charlotte Huggins


I’m a postgrad paying £5500 a year in tuition. I have two jobs, PhD applications to work on, and heaps of academic work that I never seem able to make a dent in. So naturally I...

What I'm Playing – Xenoblade Chronicles


"The main draw of Xenoblade is its combat, which blends together action and realtime-RPG elements extremely cleverly..."...

Interview: Rae Morris


Sensational songstress Rae Morris spared some time to have a chat with Caoilfhionn Rose Birley about the evolution of her music, her inspirations and where she sees her music...