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Top 5 Console Exclusives


5. Pikmin I’m keeping this list fresh by only mentioning exclusives from the current generation of consoles, that is why Pikmin 3 features at number two. I love the Wii U, as I...

Top 5 Funny Games


Fallout New Vegas Ah New Vegas. The best Fallout game. And the most hilarious. And the main character doesn’t even talk! New Vegas’ writing is second to none, and the wacky...

Club Tropicana: Dumb NPCs


NPCs (non-playable characters) are not known for their intelligence, but they make the worlds of gaming feel much more alive. However, they must be held accountable for a lot of...

Fallout Retrospective: Suddenly, Obsidian


Jared Moore steps into the shoes of the Courier for, um, the Courier in the penultimate chapter of our look back at Fallout...

Review: Halo 5: Guardians


Errol Kerr straps in and prepares to drop as Master Chief returns. Again....