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Monster Hunter’s Witcher crossover event


How d'you like that silver? Alex Darbyshire updates us with news of this entertaining Monster Hunter crossover....

Apex Construct receives boosted sales due to confused buyers


Shawn Khoo explores the confusion some gamers have experienced when trying to pick up the hit new battle royale, Apex Legends....

Activision-Blizzard Layoffs


Al Ridley reports on the huge amounts of layoffs from this gaming giant, and the dubious motivations for these....

Ubisoft apologises for The Division 2 marketing email


Shawn Khoo reports on some Trump-tinged controversy regarding Ubisoft's marketing emails....

Nintendo’s mobile game announcements


Alex Darbyshire updates us with a mixed bag of good and bad news about Nintendo's upcoming mobile titles....

Enter the Gungeon’s final DLC cancelled


Al Ridley discusses the positives and negatives surrounding Dodge Roll's cancellation of extra content for this indie darling....