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Hard Rock Café could come to Quayside


Restaurant chain Hard Rock Café has submitted a planning permission request to Newcastle City Council.  If permission is granted, the chain hopes to open a restaurant in the...



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LIVE: The Divine Comedy @ The Sage


While not to everyone’s tastes, there’s one thing you can’t dispute when it comes to Neil Hannon: the man knows how to put on a show. The Divine...

Venue-castle: a fresher's guide


O2 Academy: What better way to kick off the list than with the Weatherspoon’s of live music venues, the O2 Academy; your one-stop destination for all the questionable cover acts...

It's gettin' hot in here


Hannah Bullimore tells us how to dress to impress this Valentine's Day...

What I wore the night before


Flo Strachan shows us what she wore for her most recent night out and how we can look just as good...