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Brexit, regrexit


They say that it is always darkest before the dawn. Or in the case of Brexit, wildly unpredictable. Following two years of negotiations, the EU and the UK have finally reached a...

Take a chance on May


Following the annual party conferences, our writers ask; is politics relevant for young people?...

Brexit: the grass isn’t greener, but Britain should unite


An extract of a report was leaked this week which laid out an analysis of the economic impact Brexit will have on the UK’s economy. Three hypothetical versions of Brexit were...

Brexit: did MPs vote against animal sentience?


Alexandra Sadler discusses accusations the Government voted against the idea that animals are sentient and can feel pain....

Are academic staff helping students cheat?


A new government-backed report is expected to find that academic staff across the UK are involved in so-called ‘essay mills’, companies that offer academic essays and other...

Government gags its academic opponents


On 1st May, a new law will come into force which will serve so as to prevent publicly funded academics from conducting research which will criticise government policy. This new...